Abacus classes offer a specialized course, that is proven as a “Brain Development Program” for children. It is a boon for kids as it enables them not only to learn to do mental maths but also to utilize all functions of both left and right brain. We at TCA work in accordance with child’s psychology, We understand the importance of ‘play’ in a child’s life and implement playful methods in our lessons, so as to make their experience joyful and memorable translating into effective learning.

Abacus program aims at enhancing and optimizing the child’s hidden potential such as their imagination, creativity and computation skills to evoke their senses to comprehend.


  • For Children of age 6-13 Years
  • Number of levels : 8
  • Each level : 3 months
  • Total Duration – 24 Months
  • Each class : 1 hr . twice a week / Weekly 2 Hours only
  • Batch size : 12 (maximum) to ensure personalized attention
  • Specially trained faculty
  • Daily practice of 15 Min. essential at home.
  • Certification at the end of the each level.



  • Stimulates inquisitiveness from “What” to “How”
  • Promotes a holistic approach to learning.
  • Boosts the child’s confidence.
  • Builds team spirit and socializing skills.
  • Develops values.
  • Helps face challenges.
  • Helps enjoy working with numbers.