Piano or Keyboard Classes

Our Keyboard/Piano classes are an excellent way to get started with music for young minds. For young students, the layout of a piano keyboard is well-suited to little hands and lends itself to the understanding of theory. Grownup children and adults can look forward to playing pieces they recognize before too long.  All our classes begin with the basics of note reading, technique, and piano repertoire.  As the student progresses and masters the essential elements, instruction.

Upon enrollment we try to match the student with the teacher who seems the best fit to the student’s learning style, musical interests, and schedule.

We recommend 6 as a good starting age for piano lessons but will consider taking younger students on a case-by-case basis.

All of our lessons are taught on acoustic pianos but students are welcome to have either a piano or electric keyboard to practice on at home. A full-size 88-key model is optimal but if that isn’t feasible then a smaller keyboard will be fine to start with. Something to look for when purchasing a keyboard of any size is that it be touch-sensitive (sometimes called “weighted”) keys; you also want to make sure to get a stand for it so the student can sit with the correct posture. If it has a pedal too, all the better.