At our academy 5 years old is the youngest age that we start children in private piano lessons. Many children before this age benefit from pre-piano lessons, a game-oriented and fun approach, full of varied activities designed to stimulate the interest of the child and provide a comprehensive introduction to piano-playing. Traditional piano lessons, normally beginning at age 5, are appropriate for kids who have begun to develop longer attention spans and can retain material with ease.

Guitar – Acoustic, Electric and Bass

8 years old is the earliest we recommend for guitar lessons, although we have successfully started children as young as age 6 on junior sized guitars. Guitar playing requires a fair amount of pressure on the fingertips from pressing on the strings. Children under 8 generally have small hands and may find playing uncomfortable. Bass guitar students generally are 10 years old and older.

Voice Lessons

10 years old is recommended as the youngest age for private vocal lessons. Due to the physical nature of voice lessons (proper breathing techniques, development of the vocal chords and lung capacity), the younger body is generally not yet ready for the rigors of vocal technique.


We accept violin students from the age of 5. Some teachers will start children as young as 3, but experience has shown us the most productive learning occurs when the beginner is 5 or older. Students before the age of 5 who are interested in violin should be enrolled in our pre-piano and music and movement class. In this way, they will develop the listening and motor skills and foundation in musicianship that will facilitate learning the violin.